Backyard Water Features

Discover why installing a backyard water feature will improve your garden or yard. From planning  to safety, read about where to place a water feature and the diverse styles that are available to buy. Also, gain an insight into how creating a garden pond will attract wildlife and enrich your outdoor space.

Add a peaceful sound of trickling water to your garden by including any of these lovely features;




Decorative Water Fountains


decorative water fountainsInfuse a little charm and beauty in your water garden with this feature. These bowl fountains come in a variety of styles and finishes depending on your taste. Some have dancing bubbles, coloured filters, internal water pumps and even lighting options.





Steel Fountains


self contained water feature

These steel fountains are equipped with a means of holding water either in an open pool or underground reservoir. Most of them are sold with pumps and may also feature Halogen or LED lights to provide illumination in the evening. It does not require connection to a main water supply because it comes with features to recycle water in the pond or reservoir.




Stainless Steel Backyard Water Features


Stainless steel water feature

These stainless steel water features are beautiful additions to your pond and water garden. They are available in different shapes and sizes, providing a soothing effect as water gently flows and cascades over them. They are easy to clean and maintain. Some are equipped with Halogen and LED lights for added effects.  




Solar Powered Water Features


Solar powered water featureThis solar powered water feature provides ease and flexibility, and can be placed on any side of your water garden, so long as they have access to sunlight. This eco-friendly and high energy efficient feature is long lasting. Some brands need direct sunlight to function, while others will charge during the day and make use of stored power when needed.



Garden Bird Bath


bird bath Bird baths come in a variety of designs and they add a touch of glamour and colour to your water garden. They are perfect for attracting birds to your pond to bathe and drink water. Having birds in your water garden brings life and natural beauty.





Three Tier Water Fountain


three tier water fountainThese water fountains come in various designs and materials; from metal to stone and even ceramics. They are also available in different styles and finishes like contemporary, traditional and novelty designs. They create an endless trickle of water in the fountain.




DIY pond and Backyard Water Feature ideas


Garden pondBuilding your own pond and water garden is not as difficult as you may think. Many home owners are now creating backyard ponds in their gardens. The natural setting provides a serene and relaxing environment. All you have to do is to figure out where and how to source for equipment and supplies, then get started.


Ponds come in different sizes and design. An average pond or water garden is around 11 feet by 16 feet in size. Smaller ones of 6 by 8 feet are also great if your backyard isn’t very spacious.


Small Backyard Pond

Having a mini pond in your backyard allows you to enjoy the serenity of nature without leaving your home.



Children may be using your garden. It would be a good idea to block your entrance with a fence, supervised to reduce the risks of potential harm by water.



Three Tier Fountains

This backyard garden water fountain can add a real sense of calm to a patio or garden area. A self-contained garden water fountain that is ideal for the larger garden. They are easy to assemble and low maintenance. They come complete with recirculating pumps and assembly instructions.


Traditional Caterina Fountains

A caterina garden fountain can add a sense of class and to any garden drive way or backyard. A self-contained backyard water fountain is ideal for the larger garden or patio area. This water fountain will last a lifetime. Available in a variety of finishes.



Create a haven for birds and insects.

Stone cast bird bath come in a high quality hand finished, which is durable and weather proof. Bird baths are an excellent way to attract wildlife in to your garden, creating a haven for both birds and bugs. Hard wearing and low maintenance, they make an excellent addition to any garden space.