Outdoor Furniture Trends for 2018


Looking for backyard inspiration? Here our goal is to help you make informed choices about the diverse styles of garden furniture that are available so you can decide which style fits your personal vision best. What’s more, we also offer valuable recommendations to help you plan and prepare your backyard and patio. Finally, find stunning furniture to help complete your Yard & Patio. 


Contemporary Modern Style Patio


Mosern style patio

Flowers and foliage are playing increasing roles in today’s contemporary patio design and construction. You will find that container plants bring a unique perspective to shape, texture and colors which may contrast with the furniture that you decide to put up in the patio, the wall paint as well as wall art. These natural embellishments also help you to soften the effects of whatever stone pavers  you use (stone or marble). Overall, you desire is to see your patio take on a progressive look and feel, with ample room for future adjustments.



Bohemian Terrace


Boheniman patio

Creating a bohemian effect/style with your porch or patio will entail you going for a free-flowing style, where you are not afraid of incorporating contrasting bits and pieces to achieve your aim. In this regard, your patio could feature a decadent daybeds complete with nesting tables. You could decide to drape the cushions with expressive leather wraps that add to the free-flowing effect. The walls of the patio could also feature a plant shelf with natural or artificial plants-whichever catches your fancy. Plant vases made from copper could be placed at the ends of the space, with bohemian curtains adorning the walls, in order to create an atmosphere of intimacy. You can finish off your Bohemian-themed patio with wall mirrors that will help bounce light around the room.


Moroccan Veranda


morocan theme

If you are swayed by all things and styles Eastern, then a Moroccan themed patio will give you the jolt that you need. Patios under this influence are usually very bright and exude an exotic charm. Your desired patio will feature items and accessories such as bright fabrics known as baldaquin, cushions, and rugs. Moroccan patio decor. To complement these further, you will stock up on low tables and chairs, geometric patterns, colorful ottomans and poufs as well as the famed Morrocan Lanterns. These Moroccan lanterns are a joy to behold because they come in either metal or glass and they feature a candle in them to complete the charming cast of your patio.


Summer Courtyard


Summer patio

Your summertime courtyard will aim to give you and your guests an indoor comfort to your time in the outdoors. Consequently, a summer patio will present an ambiance/atmosphere where you can relax and have fun with your friends and family. For one, you will choose durable rugs and mats that create a sense of style and finish. Do you desire a fireplace in there as well? Then you set up a fire pit right at the center of your patio space. The chairs you pick should encourage friendly banter with accessories such as cushions and arm rests portraying the summertime effervescent spirit.



 The BBQ Patio


BBQ patioSo you want to whip up your favorite steak recipes in the comfort of your patio, right? Then constructing a BBQ deck will be the way to go for you. The center of attraction will have to be the grill/stove you will be employing to prepare your steak. The shape and size of the grill should be such that other pieces of furniture will gravitate around it. You could decide to make your patio a standing affair or you could place summer themed chairs and tables for your guests to enjoy their servings of grilled meat. Depending on the size outlay, your patio could also be made ready with games to add to the convivial atmosphere.



While the list above is by no means exhaustive, contemporary patio services allow users the option of contributing styles and ideas to the design of their ideal patios. As highlighted at the start of this article, the chief considerations for patios are a fusion of beauty, style, and functionality.



 Popular Patio Decor Products


Deluxe Round Cup End Cap


The Deluxe Round Cup end caps are specially designed for the wrought iron furniture chairs manufactured by Project Patio Company. The caps can be hammered onto the chair glides after shaving off the outside ridge of the glides which will ensure a tight fitting between the cup and the chair. It is a heavy-duty product which comes handy when chairs in homes or offices require leg caps for preventing them and the floor from damages.


The round cup insert glide end cap is of 6.4×5×2.2 inches and weighs about 4 ounces. The ribs provided for gripping the chair tubes are of 1.518” outer diameter and the top edge is chamfered at 1.470” outer diameter for easy insertion. The product is long lasting and increases the furniture’s life. It protects the patio chair feet from any damage. It enables sliding and moving furniture easier and convenient  


● Lightweight and easy to carry.

● Moving furniture without leaving any marks on the floor.

● Once inserted, the grip held is solid.

● Great plastic finish.


● The product is designed only for specific products developed by Project Patio only.

● Fitting on chair tubes requires pressure for proper grip.


 Cast Iron Garden Dining Side Chair


Dinning ChairThe chair is made of polished cast iron with intricate carving done on the seat, legs and the backrest of the chair. This gives it a total antique look as well as enhances the aesthetic appeal of your dining room. The product isn’t just looking beautiful but can be cost-efficient too.


The chair is made of cast iron which makes it super strong and durable. The designs are made of the iron by skilful artisans. The artisans use their hands to give it a finished look and design. The assembly of the chair is simple and the box comes with a manual to install it correctly.


• The chair is heavy built which makes it strong.

• Iron makes it strong and durable.

• The intricate design makes it look beautiful.


• It is difficult to move the chair frequently.

• After some time, it might just start to rust.

• It is difficult to clean the furniture.

Cosco 3-Piece Folding Bistro-Style Patio Table and Chairs Set,Red

Dorel home furnishings have come up with a design of this amazingly adorable three pieces’ foldable chair and table. The Cosco 3-Piece Folding Bistro-Style Patio Table and Chairs Set is a table and two chairs which can fit anywhere from your room to your garden and even in the open lobby. The product is perfect for enjoying the light morning tea and dusky evenings outdoor.


This Dorel Home Furnishings product comes with a dimension 23.6×23.6×27.9 inches including all three products. The item in total weighs around 31.5 pounds. The major features of the product are that it can be folded and can be stored easily in small space. Moreover, it can be handy while traveling to some place for picnics or road trips. It has a steel frame and hence is durable. With the bistro style, the outdoor dining becomes convenient for a couple.  


Add a touch of class to your Patio with Bistro Tables and Chairs.

Bistro table with chairs

Bistro furniture sets as well as enjoying a strong and sturdy design and will add a touch of class to any Yard, Porch or Patio.They can help provide a stylish addition to any garden patio space. Taking inspiration from the outdoor cafe scene they consist of a compact table with chairs. They are ideal for relaxed dining with drinks, or enjoying those long summer evenings in the garden.



Why choose Rattan Furniture?

Rattan furniture has many benefits over other styles of external furniture. As with most Patio and Yard Furniture, Synthetic Rattan is weatherproof. One great benefit is its resistance to spillages and daily wear and tear, making it easily maintain and clean. Another great advantage of Synthetic Rattan is its resistance to direct UV sunlight, meaning it won’t fade or warp when left out in the harsh summer sun. Rattan furniture is available in many styles from comfortable sofas and chairs for balcony seats. One of the main features of synthetic Rattan is that it can be left outside all summer. Making it excellent value it will withstand the elements and last for years.


Garden Bench. Make sure that you locate it on a solid surface.

Garden benches offer a relaxing way to sit back and enjoy the view from your patio or lawn. A garden bench will make a great addition to any outdoor space. You can buy them in many models and designs. If considering the location of your bench, a good tip is to make sure that you locate it on a solid surface. This will avoid it, burying into the ground over time. Wooden and steel varieties will need a treatment at least once a year to protect them from the elements. It is also advisable to check joints for erosion and weakness regularly.

Garden accessories covers and cushions. 

Outdoor patios are usually next to living areas of the house and as such can be and seen from inside. With the cost of housing at a premium a backyard patio can add valuable and entertaining living space. When not in use, attractive decking and terraces next to the house will add the feeling of extra additional space of an interior room. Add attractive, long-lasting outdoor furniture and accessories to decorate and enhance your patio will improve and transform its appearance immediately ( e.g. Water features, sculpture and container plants).

Garden Shade, Parasols and Bases

Extend your living space and bring the indoors outside. Patio furniture is much more than just tables and chairs. It can be adding comfortable seating and accessories your patio while you complete your vision.  A full range of patio parasols are available in this section.