Ornamental Garden Lighting Ideas for 2018


There are a number of lighting themes that can suit your temperament as well as your budget. These themes explore the whole range of styles and structures to suit individual tastes and expectations.

They are as follows:




Deck Illumination 


deck lighting

This deck lighting scheme is for the enthusiast that wants a mixture of beauty, functionality and safety. So the idea is to bathe the walkway and entrances with soft light; unobtrusive enough to give subtle hints and views of the planting system in place as well as other garden adornments; forceful enough to guide the visitor safely through the garden at the same time.  




Pathway Sidelights


Pathway lights

 Guide pathway sidelights and drives are usually a common feature of affluent and middle-income class neighbourhoods.


Overhead Lighting


patio lights

Your garden’s patio can come alive; day or night, when you have an eye for using the correct design elements to good effect. The main objective of your desired lighting is to give your patio an atmosphere of conviviality and functionality. Elements such as string lights, a table light and an arched pavilion with intricate lighting overhead can be put to good effect. You could also throw in natural decorative accents along with an improvised fireplace to complete your garden patio lighting design.


Lighting Garden Structures


pergola lights

Your aim of building a pergola is to give your guests a sense of solidity while at the same time allowing them the freedom to take in the sights and sounds of the ambience of your garden. In this regard, you could work on erecting a house like structure that can provide protection from the rain/the sun, while you could use overhead lighting that reflects the beauty of the complementing furniture and also draws attention to the scenic beauty outside.


 Border Lighting Schemes


border lighting

This garden lighting theme aims to play up the aesthetic effect of the plants and flowers themselves; you could call it embellishing their beauty and you will not be wrong. Here, colour considerations are a prominent factor in the lighting of shrubs and borders.

In winter as well as in other weather patterns, variegated evergreens, effervescent stems, berries and the dried stems, dense foliage and seed heads can serve as the base that can provide a surprisingly strong impact under lighting. The lights themselves are lined with the stems and leaves of the selected plants; placed in such a way that augments the natural greenness and other colours of the plants and flowers.


 Step Lighting Schemes


step lighting

Your objective with this lighting scheme is to achieve a combination of functionality and safety. You want to give a helpful but stunning welcome to your guests as they visit your garden. You can employ a mix of recessed and surface mount step lights, garden path lights, spread lights & garden bollard lights for the path, terrace step lighting and for recessed LED deck lights. What these combinations achieve is increasing the anticipation of your guests, as to the beauty that your garden holds for them.


Uplighting Trees and Hanging Lights


hanging lights

This garden lighting scheme is arguably the most commonly used by most garden owners. Uplighting trees provide you with ample opportunity to add vertical emphasis and draw attention to the drama up above. In addition, trees with an open habitat permit hanging lights to showcase the branch network and structure while in the same breadth you can achieve a heightened effect on aesthetics when the colours of the different subjects are contrasted. 




 Ornamental Lighting


ornamental lighting

Amongst other things, ornamental garden lighting seeks to create pockets of mystery, drama and intimacy with a surreal arrangement of lights around your garden. Sophisticated wiring and lighting can be employed to provide selected areas of your garden with light to create different moods or highlight areas holding special interest. Decorative lighting can help you demarcate your garden into sections for relaxation, entertainment as well as recreational activities.


 Garden Art and Sculpture


garden sculpture

Your garden can be given a physical boost with complementary artwork and sculptures. Take garden sculpture for example. A good number of garden aficionados will suggest that you go for sculptures that are simple, two or three-dimensional and add a presence to the overall aesthetic appeal of your garden. They will also advise that the sculpture is made from metal; because over time, the rust and oxidative process adds a certain balance and hue to the colour gradation of your garden. In case you want an immediate shine from your sculptures, then you are at liberty to go for sculptures that are finished with chrome plating and coating.


While the lighting schemes mentioned above are by no means exhaustive, what this list does it is to give you an idea of the varied potentials that well thought-out and deployed lighting can do, to lift the atmosphere and aura of your garden. Exterior garden lighting is the great way to enhance the appearance of your backyard and show off the beauty of your garden in the evening and at night. When it comes to safety and security garden lighting will make a definite impact.




Accentuate the textures of your planting and create ambiance throughout.

Exterrior backyard lighting is an effective way to create  ambiance within any style of garden. Garden lighting  or hanging illumination will hightight and accentuate the textures  of your planting, trees and garden shrubs. Garden Lighting also offers a significant health and safety function in lighting your patio and pathways during the evening and at night. 


Low Voltage Solar Lights

High quality solar lights. Contemporary designs which will complement any style of garden patio or decked area. They make a stylish addition to any outdoor space. Available in one color this product can be situated in a variety conditions.


Hanging Solar Lights

This hanging solar light emits a beautiful cool light off a crackled glass surface. This product will make a beautiful addition to any garden patio area or decked yard and can be hung from trees as well as displayed on pathways. It incorporates a convenient automatic sensor which then turns the light on at night and charges it by day. Environmentally friendly using solar energy from the sun with no need for additional wiring. 

Pathway Solar Light

You can transform your yard with landscape solar lighting. These outdoor pathway solar lights are easy to assemble and install with no wires. Just push the stake into the ground and they will automatically turn on when charged during the day. Excellent value with 8 lights per box with its own rechargeable battery and variable stack height. Arrange your lighting in accordance to your garden, pathway, or patio needs.